SLR Asset Management - February

U.S. markets move ahead, now what?

2017 was a great year for the U.S. Stock Market, and was a part of a pair of steady growth years with record low volatility. As analysts and money managers ponder the possible scenarios, our more broad filter shows an ‘overwhelming bullish’ feeling in the air. Often the market hurts the most number of people at the most unexpected time. When we see sentiment elevate to levels we see today we must evaluate our course and proceed cautiously. Based on how growth oriented you are, stock market exposure varies. Our firm is participating in US Markets broadly but prefer certain sectors/securities to buy, hold and, if need be, trade in this environment. We have also allocated additional funds in foreign markets where we believe to be better value in a growing world economy.

We agree and see the bull case, but don’t want to get caught chasing this market.

Participate, but protect. Don’t let the good feeling of riding an easy market catch you off-guard.

“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.”

    - Peter F. Drucker

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